What are devo cards?

Challenge cards are where we challenge ourselves and the community to spread the love. Devo cards are for us to further explore scripture. 

Below are the weekly Devo Cards that we will put out for the duration of our sermon series. 

Note, we will only print the first round of Devo Cards. The rest of challenges for the Devo Cards will simply be posted on this page. 


Take 3 hours to disconnect from your responsibilities. 

Essentially, treat your self. You are loved. Here's some ideas:

  • Buy a steak & cook it
  • Watch a sunset, & journal
  • Have a picnic with loved ones
  • Go to a spa with a friend
  • Go to the barber with a buddy
  • Take a walk and enjoy nature
  • Create a story, painting, or other DIY project


Do something nice for someone close to you.

This can be relationally close, or geographically close. Love your neighbor.