Erwin L. takes on Challenge #02

Visiting Halal
By: Erwin L.

Yesterday afternoon a group of seven of us went to show our support to a local business owner and chef named Ed at Cedar Halal Foods, a restaurant that serves food that is permissible to eat according to Islamic law. Not only was the food delicious but Ed was very friendly, hospitable and a great host. We bought a bunch of meals and wrote him a nice card. I wanted him to know that despite the controversy that is happening in our country that we are thankful for the gifts that people of different backgrounds bring to our nation. 

I'm not sure what he thought of the note but I hope to see him again and support his local business.

Grace O. takes on Challenge Card #2

Grace O. takes on the second Love Challenge Card: Do something nice for someone with a service job.

She bought a mani-pedi gift card for her waitress at Olive Garden. 

Check out her story below!


Richie & Tiff take on Challenge #1

Richie H. & Tiff S. go to UCF's student union to complete the first Love Challenge Card - Buy a Meal for a Stranger. 

Their video is below!


Shawn K. takes on Challenge #1

Shawn K. took on the first challenge and decided to record his thoughts instead of submitting text.  Check it out below!

Way to go Shawn!